jeudi 3 décembre 2009

Hermeneutics from the Heart

You surely know about it. But just in case...This is an example of how a descriptive text can become poetry...

How can we discover what was hidden in it while we thought we were in control...

How we can become creative again just by playing with words, by discovering how they can flow on a page...

How everything is there, before our eyes but we had not paid attention. So meaning emerges like when words pop up from a text and start juggling with one another. It is an hermeneutics process, but a poetic one, directly from the pulsing heart. I had written a short message to someone who asked for some information about the 3rd Eye practice. This is what came out, one of the dozens of possibilities. In my own text, when wordle showed me this configuration, I saw that images were leveraging everything else. Not a discovery per se but a confirmation, a mirror of my own understanding. A simple Wordle and the world expands, based on the calculation of word occurences in a text.

Get to Wordle here.

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